Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Chase: A Review

I started Lent, a season I did not grow up observing, this year feeling parched, a profound thirst.  Though I didn't plan on eliminating anything from my life this year, at the last minute and after watching my belly not only not shrink post-baby but grow, giving up sugar seemed like a stellar idea.    I soon realized that the source of my need went much deeper than what I was putting in my mouth.  What I was- or was not- putting into my soul was starving me.   I was substituting the Word with other books.  I was becoming severely malnourished.

About this time Chase, an interactive, DVD-based Bible Study, by Jennie Allen came across my desk for review.  This is designed specifically for small groups and is geared toward women.   The DVD features Jennie against the exquisite backdrop of Marfa, Texas.

I set out excited by the subtitle, "Chasing After the Heart of God," hoping for a guided tour into God's character.  Through each session, Allen masterfully takes us to the Word,  weaving in and out of the events of David's life in I and II Samuel.   Her goal?  To set before us a God infinitely more worthy of our pursuit than the things we are chasing; he is so worthy that we will want to leave it all behind to seek him alone.
Each of the eight lessons,
walks us through the unearthing of our heart's pursuits, what we are chasing.   The study sessions, peppered with hymns and history, always lead us to lay our hearts out alongside the Word and respond along with David in the Psalms.  Finally, she assigns four projects throughout the week, activities that have the appearance of simplicity but plumb deeply into how we see God and, more importantly, who he really is. 
She ends on a profoundly personal note that drives home this single overarching point:  We aren't chasing God.  He has been chasing us.  We aren't allowed to fixate on ourselves.   Introspection isn't the goal.  Adoration is.  She pushes and pulls and nudges us along into the presence of God, the very same God with whom David was so deeply in love.
"Let's live like God is real and heaven is coming."
The bottom line is that this is an excellent study for any group of women who long to chase after the heart of God. 
Disclaimer:  I received a copy of this study for review.  The opinions expressed are my own and, as always, are my honest evaluation of the material.  I have not been nor will be compensated in any way for this review.

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  1. I saw this study at our local Bible bookstore recently and wondered about it. I think I'm going to definitely check it out now!